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PaintCOST Estimator for Excel

Painting and Wallcovering Cost Estimating Software for Excel
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28 May 2015

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This is a software tool that helps estimate of a paint job in a construction project.

PaintCOST Estimator can take care of details and get cost estimate for a paint job done accurately. The paint job estimating could be quite tedious, as there are a lot of details you need to take care of. When this tool takes care of the nitty-gritty, the estimate could be accurate and you would be able to arrive at it quickly and easily. When you are the paint contractor or cost estimator, you need to be completely accurate to make sure of your profit margins. This application is built on the Excel environment and with the data supplied by the tool that apples to the industry in general, accurate results could be expected. Additional adjustments per your experience and local adjustments are also possible to increase the accuracy of the results.

The tool includes a space calculator. The space estimator calculates area so that cutoffs and add-ons including doors, windows, closets are included. You would be able to assess material and labor prices too. Reporting functions help make reviewing results simple. An estimate could be created in a few minutes too. The estimate is accurate so that it takes care of walls, ceiling, floors, trims, baseboards, doors, windows, special items and more. Users are able to enter job and billing information, progress payment schedule, included and excluded work. All cost data is user modifiable. On-screen reports are provided for estimate summary, estimate detail, estimate labor hours and bid quotation. Bid quotations are in formalized formats so that they could be directly submitted. This is very handy product.

Publisher's description

Make paint cost estimating productive and fun with this easy-to-use software!
Designed specifically for painting and wallcovering contractors, decorators, builders, remodelers, and do-it-yourself individuals. PaintCOST Estimator contains industry-standard user modifiable cost data and intelligent takeoff area calculator with cutoffs and addons. Estimates by convenient space/room breakdown and incorporates wall, ceiling, floor, baseboards, trims, doors, windows, coats. Identifies material costs and labor costs in addition to labor hours for job scheduling. PaintCOST Estimator instantly creates user-modifiable on-screen or printed estimate reports including formatted price quotation and paint buy list. Use PaintCOST Estimator as an estimating and sales tool to save time, improve accuracy and achieve greater success.
PaintCOST Estimator is designed and developed in the USA by CPR, Inc., a leading provider of cost estimating software tools and cost data for the construction industry since 1986. Use PaintCOST Estimator with confidence and profit!
PaintCOST Estimator for Excel
PaintCOST Estimator for Excel
Version 15.1
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